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No one likes device that lags.

Houston phone Doctors bring some information on how to keep your snappy and responsive. we are here to help you to phone repair in Houston Monday-Sunday

  1. Android phones

Each time you open an app or toggle between screen on the Android’s phone, different animations are triggered to create the perception of a smooth transition accrue in slow motion can be incredibly painful.

Here’s how to turn them off:

Setting >system >about phone

Tab on ‘build number’ seven times and message will appear informing you that you have to activated “developer option “

Should now be available. Scroll down until you see.

‘ window animation scale’

‘Transition animation scale’

‘Animation duration scale’

Tap on each of them and select ‘animation off’

  • deleted what you don’t need

Go to ‘settings >apps

Go through the list of installed apps until you find one that you no longer use.

Select the app and you will be presented with the option to  ‘uninstall’ it.

  •  eliminated widgets and live wallpapers.

To delete widget, simply tab and hold , then select ‘remove’.

Live papers with moving elements

In the back ground may appear pleasing to look at, but take a tool on speed and function. Go through ‘settings > Home Screen & wallpaper to switch to a more basic, static one.

No one likes device that lags.
iPhone and android details in Houston Phone Doctors

For iPhones

You can turn the effects off with the following steps: ‘go to settings >general > accessibility’

Scroll down until you see the options.

– reduce transparency

-increase contrast

-reduce motion

Toggle on each of the settings.

deleted what you don’t need

Another method to delete apps is as follows: go through settings >general > usage> manage storage.

Select unwanted apps and deleted them .

clear your phone’s RAM

First, you’ll need to turn on the ‘ assistive touch’ function on your phone ( settings > general >accessibility >assistive touch) this will up an assistive touch button that overlay and page.

Next, return to your general page and scroll down until you arrive at the ‘shut down’ option right at the bottom. Selecting it will result in a message promoting you to ‘ slide to power off ‘. Don’t slide it ! Instead, tap on assistive touch button , then press and hold the on-screen ‘home’ button until the iPhone flashes and you are taken back to the Home Screen. Good job! You’ve just clear your phone’s RAM.

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